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I feel a song coming on...
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Date:2007-05-02 14:51
Subject:Music is Love Grades:

Student NameGradeTeacher's comments
Ray-Ray the Kowalsky Man8B-8
Nice Naomi with the forehead of loveA1,2,3
Cassie Lang with the Emo of DoomB!2,13
Alec with the tight butt and delicious... voiceA9
Sock-it-to-Me SokkaA1,2
The girl who is not a windowA1,2,17
DMX with the funny guitarA1,6
Miley Stewart who is definitely not a stateB1,2,3,10
The girl who is a season but not Fall, Winter or SpringB+1,2,3,18
Chasing AngelcakesC1,2,3,13
Caramel RodriguezB+1,2,16
Jo-Jo who is not a pop singerA1,2,4
Dino who looks like the tight butt guy but is more metalA4,5,9
Katarawaralala who is not a FireladyA1,2,14
Girl with the cute hats A1,7,18
Zippo The Scarred Face BoyInc.11,13,15
Leggo my GreggoA1,2,6

Comment Code
1. A pleasure in class
2. Always participates
3. Drinks excessively and shouts "Do you want me to cut a bitch?" when angered.
4. Did not hunt me down or shout "CHRISTO!" in every class so three snaps in a circle for that.
5. Has better hair than the other guy who looks just like him.
6. Has better hair than anybody
7. Doesn't wear enough hats
8. Was disappointed that he never sang "Blame Canada"
9. Rawr.
10. Hides Secretly identity well
11. Does not participate
12. Does not play well with others
13. Has the power of emo
14. Did not soak me and my dry cleaner thanks you.
15. Probably knows the words to "Soldier Boy" and "Do you know the way to Ba-Sing Tse" but refuses to sing them.
16. Would probably taste great with ice cream. Oh wait. That's the dessert topping not the student
18. The kind of girl you won't bring home to Mama.

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Date:2007-04-19 23:53
Subject:Vote for Fandom Idol!

Poll #969883 Fandom Idol Voting

Who should win it all? WHO IS THE FANDOM IDOL?!

One vote per character please. Danke.

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Date:2007-04-17 13:10
Subject:Story Time with Uncle Lorne: Afternoon

One thing about being an entertainer? You always know when there is a potential audience. So various signs advertising a story hour for the kidlets on the island has been appropriately posted.

Any kids showing will see Lorne has decked out the music room with comfy pillows and chairs, stocked the snack table with healthy but tasty snacks.

And juice. Lots' of juice.

Okay kittens! Time for a story about Little Red Rosenb- Rosenfeld. Yes. Rosenfeld That's it.Collapse )

Lorne smiled and looked out at the kidlets. "Okay! Any requests? Stories? Songs? What have you?"

[Open for kids and parents of all ages]

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Date:2007-04-16 16:11
Subject:Office Hours

Lorne was actually holding office hours this week.

Probably because he needed to send a notice out to his students about this week's class/assembly.

Hey kittens! Great job last week in class. Just wanted to give you a heads up that this week's class will be held in the assembly.

And you're the entertainment!

That's right we're having our own little Fandom Idol this week and your fellow students get to vote on who is the best of the best!

So pick your song, outfit and dance routine carefully because your grade all comes down to this!



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Date:2007-03-21 23:35
Subject:Office Hours: All Day Wednesday

Lorne sends out his usual note to his students for this week's class:

Cats! Kittens!

This week our guest judge will be none other than the famous director Valenteen and your theme for the class will be to come up with the closing track to "Fandom Chicken: the Motion Picture".

This movie is destined to be a hit and potential award winner. Don't let me down!

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Date:2007-03-05 22:40
Subject:Monday Office Hours

Lorne sent of his usual message to his students regarding this weeks class and how it them of "Hats and/or Martial Arts" related to the judges.

Unfortunately he had a few too many sea breezes before coming into work so "Martial Arts" may have been turned into "Marital Arts" in some of the notes he sent out.

[open for students or mentoring]

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Date:2007-02-22 22:51
Subject:Lorne's Office: Friday before class

Lorne was waiting for his guest judges to show up for class and was spending his time cracking open the box of "NEW AND IMPROVED CHOCOLATES by Ethan Rayne" that Tino had given him for Valentines day.

"Rayne?" Lorne said aloud. "Why is that name so familiar?"

[ooc: Locked to Logan and Aly]

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Date:2007-02-19 13:04
Subject:The Real Office Hours: 2/19 All Day

Lorne was in a fabulous mood. He had nothing to be ashamed about over the weekend.

Except for maybe ordering that Shirley Temple.

Granted, Fosse was in a piss poor mood after spending the morning cleaning all the paint off the ground. He didn't even give jazz hands to Lorne when he left the room. Even after Lorne sang "All that Jazz" to boot!

So Lorne is busy doing his typical teacher stuff and is available to any of his students or mentorees.

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Date:2007-02-18 10:45
Subject:PLAYTIME! aka Office Hours

Lorne is busy in his office working. Okay playing. Okay, really he's pulled out contruction paper and paint and making pictures for his students who are so ultra cool they deserve a pictures! YAYS! PICTURES!

After covering his office floor with paint (not to mention his tiny suit) Lorne drops off each picture for his student and then eats a ton of oreos sending him into a sugar coma nap thing on his office couch.

Said picture looks like this...Collapse )

[ooc: Text of image is: "HI! Class will be about songs 4 me! Kids! Yay! -Lorne" So this Friday you'll either have to sing a kiddie song or a song about Lorne. Mwah.]

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Date:2007-02-06 00:43
Subject:Offices Hours: Tuesday

Lorne of course has his office open and is once again sending out notices to his to students.

To: Class
From: Lorne
Subject: This week's class...

Howdy kittens! Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know that this week our guest judges for class are Hades and Ares! In honor of them our theme will be "Love and/or War is Hell"!

Make sure your songs reflect those things and do your best not to tick them off. After all... They are gods.

Believe me when I tell you that being smited is definitely NOT fun.

So until Friday... Toodles!


[ooc: Mostly establishy and will be AFK most of Tuesday and Wednesday but will follow up on any pings.]

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Date:2007-01-30 00:10
Subject:Office Hours: Tuesday Morning

After a long and strange (even for Lorne) phone conversation, Lorne once again sends out a little note to all his students.

To: Music kittens!
From: Lorne
Subject: This week...

This week we will have some WONDERFUL guest judges. So wonderful I'm just going to let them be a surprise. Why? because I love surprises. They make everyone happy and gay.

So to celebrate our surprise judges we are going to go with a theme of "Heroes and Villains". Feel free to chose a song on just a hero, a villain or both of them together. In fact if you can find a song with a hero and villain having UST you'd probably when the competition hands down.

But I ramble... Looking forward to your performances Friday.

Simon Cowell is still an ass.



Lorne then settled back behind his desk and tried to figure out how to sell the right of "Music is Love" to the CW.


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Date:2007-01-22 12:38
Subject:Office hours...

Lorne is doing his office hours early this week. That might be to snicker at some of the facial expressions his students and fellow teachers might have as they try to avoid each other.

Of course it might all have to do with the e-mails (And flyers for those students who still don't know about e-mail) that he is sending out about class this week.

To: Music is Love Students
From: Lorne
Subject: Class

Greeting and Salutations my back-to-normal kittens! I hope you all survived your altered weekend because death is the only excuse for not attending class this week.

Why? Because our judges this week are none other than Hannah Montana and Zero Hopeless-Savage!

That's right! Hannah Montana! I just got off the phone with her manager confirming her judgeship this Friday.

So in honor of our illustrious judges, this weeks theme will be Punk Bubblegum. Knock yourself out.



Lorne then settled back and reviewed the tapes from the last two classes.


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Date:2007-01-20 22:33
Subject:Flat above Caritas: Evening.

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be a psychic. True when he found out the Trolls were coming, Lorne was making reservations at the Plaza for the weekend but after the readings he got from his students and one person in particular?

Lorne always hoped that when he left LA that he would be done with this craziness.

Instead he packed his bag with what he thought he needed and headed for the door.

[ooc: Establishy...]

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Date:2007-01-18 22:56
Subject:Flat above Caritas: Friday Morning before classes...

Lorne sits back in his chair as his make up girl works on his face for today's class. All those harsh lights take their toll on a demon's complexion so some minor enhancements should be made. He goes over the music for the show and also starts drinking his usual breakfast.

What? A sea breeze is totally part of your daily nutritional needs.

In fact he has several other nutritional-like beverages for his fellow judges this morning should they happen to come by for their morning make up session.

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Date:2007-01-16 12:47
Subject:Office Hours [1/16]

Lorne is happily humming away as he types out his e-mail for the students this week (and some flyers for those students who seem to have a problem with e-mail)

Hello my little Doo-Whoppers of Delight!

This week on Music is Love our theme will be "Guns, Ammo and/or Ice" in honor of our guest judges Deadpool and Emma Frost.

I'll see you Friday morning to see how you all do with this fabulous music assignment.



Lorne then spends the rest of the day calling his agent to see if he can arrange a summer engagement at the Bellagio.


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Date:2007-01-11 08:59
Subject:Office Hours

Lorne entered his office bright and early and sent out an e-mail to his students.Collapse )

Lorne then turned his attention to his syllabus and began going over which guest "judges" he would be recruiting for the next several weeks.

Since this is office hours, interruptions are expected and welcome.

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Date:2007-01-01 11:46
Subject:OOC: Grades for "Music is Love"

Nadia Santos - A
M. Parker - A
Peter Griffin - A
Yasutora "Chad" Sado - A
Pip Bernadette - A
Marie D'Ancanto - A
Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage - A
Jaye Tyler - A
Sam Carter - A
Zuko - F

John Dorian - Incomplete
Demyx - Incomplete

Alas Poor Zuko. He'll have to take Music all over again.

*insert evil laugh here*

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Date:2006-12-31 00:20
Subject:OOC: Me? A Lemming? Get out of here...

Instead of doing the old "Here's everything about my character" thing, I'm just going to point you to this post here and add the following:

Lorne left Fandom to star in his own kid show and then came back to teach music. Ignore the rest of the stuff about Caritas because Lorne only hangs out there now, he doesn't own the place.

He's taught one semester of music and forced all his students to participate in a cracked out recital which I still occasionally read just because Conner dressed up like "Jeannie" amuses me very much.

As does seeing Sam Carter in a bonnet.

And Cameron Mitchell in leg warmers.


And in case you didn't catch it the first time:

Aura Reading - A PrimerCollapse )

As for Lorne's class? Well we're doing something different this time around: Fandom Idol

Yes. I'm stealing this idea from nadiathesaint's FH Fic. Every week the students will be givin a theme *handwavily* ahead of time that they will then perform for the guest judges (who will be various faculty members). The entire point of the class? To have fun. That's it. There will be a winner at the end of the semester and it will be open to all players to vote for their favorite performer. But really the prize is knowing you've participated in creating some fine crack.

So consider this the sign up post for the faculty members who wish to judge. I'll ping you later for a time to do the judging.

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Date:2006-11-30 09:54
Subject:Office Hours

If there ever was a day of joy for Lorne, it's the day he could sing a duet with his hat stand that had been converted to a lamp.

A-One.. A-Two.. A One-Two-Three-four!Collapse )

When the singing and dancing with the hat rack was done, Lorne sat back at his desk. "You're singing is fabulous but your choreographing needs work."

The hat rack said nothing but began to hum a few bars of "Let's call the whole thing off."

Lorne rolled his eyes. "Bah! Stupid furniture and their egos."

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Date:2006-10-26 09:15
Subject:Office hours

Yes. The Recital is tomorrow.

Yes. Lorne should be busy getting things ready for it.

Instead he's watching the Crime and Justice marathon on his portable TV and taking notes on it.

He'll be happy to be interrupted if you utter "DOINK-DOINK" before entering. In fact there's a sign to that effect outside his door.

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