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I feel a song coming on...

The name's Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan. (Call me Lorne, sweetheart. It's easier that way.) Maybe you've seen my Vegas act? Er, if you did and you're looking to file damages? You'll have to take it up with the casino management; sorry, but I was working strictly under the gun there. Free drink on me?

You know Caritas in town? Used to be mine. Looking for a place to sing and swing? That's the place, baby. All Karaoke, all the time. Stop by, and if you're nice, maybe I'll tell you what your soul is really singing about.

Now the bar belongs to bluthillusions, who I sold it to while I headed to New York to become a big star on Television. Only problem? Never made to air @#$%ing focus groups. Fortunately my agent got me a play or pay deal and I got some serious cash coming my way. Marv? Seriously. Love 'ya Babe. Mean it.

So now I'm back in Fandom and got myself a teaching gig at Fandom High. Warm up your vocal cords kids, it's time to sing.

Need a reading? -- SING AT CARITAS FIRST, then ping in this post with details on what you're looking for, babe.

Full name: Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan. Stick with Lorne, trust me. Or sometimes people just call me the Host.
LJ handle of Character: karaoke_lizard
Fandom of Character: Angel

Need to get a hold of me?
I'll be living in my lounge above Caritas
E-mail: gumboy at gmail.com
AIM: marthblankfh
Personal Voice Mail: Drop me a ring-a-ding here

Notes about Lorne:
Lorne was the host of a karaoke bar called Caritas frequented by humans, vampires and various demons. Caritas was a sanctuary where anyone could come in safety for Lorne's help. He has the unusual psychic ability to read a person's soul, but only while they are singing. After hearing a person sing, Lorne can tell a great deal about that person's thoughts and feelings and true nature, and can even gain a limited perspective on his or her future.

More information available Here

I'll be playing Lorne post Season 5 of Angel. He knows all about the players though may be confused regarding the timeline. You want a little soul-reading done, you'll need to do a little singing for me.